Decapoda - Caridea - Alpheidae - Leptalpheus

Leptalpheus denticulatus Anker & Marin, 2009

World Distribution
Anker (2010: 38, Zootaxa) - Distribution. Nhatrang, Vietnam; Panglao, the Philippines; Viti Levu, Fiji (Anker & Marin 2009); the present report extends its range eastwards to Moorea, French Polynesia. Also New Caledonia.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Soft bottom (mud or sand)

Vertical range : Intertidal - Min-Max observed: 0-1 m

New Caledonia data
Leptalpheus denticulatus - Chow et al. 2021 (Evolution, Supplementary documents, table S1) - New Caledonia, Voucher ID MNHN-Na15776

Central Pacific data (Wallis & Futuna, Polynesia, Clipperton, Easter Island)
Leptalpheus denticulatus - Anker, 2010: 38, Zootaxa, Material examined. French Polynesia, Society Islands. 1 ovigerous female (CL 8.90 mm), FLMNH UF Arthropoda 16463, Moorea, lagoon near Nihimaru River estuary, near-shore sand flat with some rocks, algae, holothurians (Holothuria atra) from burrow, suction pump, depth: 0.5–1 m, coll. A. Anker, 17.XI.2008 [fcn BMOO-5519]; 1 female (CL 4.60 mm), FLMNH UF Arthropoda 16528, Moorea, lagoon, between Papetoai and Hotel Intercontinental, near-shore sand flat with intense burrowing activity, silt and sand, mounds, holothurians (Holothuria atra), from burrow, suction pump, depth: 0.3–0.6 m, coll. A. Anker, 23.XI.2008 [fcn BMOO-5636]; ovigerous female (CL 5.40 mm), FLMNH UF Arthropoda 16532, same collection data as for previous specimen, fcn 5641; 1 male (CL 4.90 mm), 1 female (CL 7.00 mm), 1 juvenile (CL not determined), FLMNH UF Arthropoda 16526, same collection data as for previous specimens [BMOO fcn 5634, 5635, 5633]; (Moorea Biocode project).

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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