Decapoda - Brachyura - Sesarmidae - Neosarmatium

Neosarmatium meinerti (De Man, 1887)

World Distribution
Ragioneri et al. (2012: 82, The Raffles Bulletin) - The range of distribution of this species extends into the western Indian Ocean from Mauritius (type locality) to Rodrigues, including the islands Aldabra and Mahé Island belonging to the Seychelles. Possibly also Mayotte.

Environnement : Brackish - Substrat/Association : Soft bottom (mud or sand)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 0-5 m

Mayotte data
Sesarma (Sesarma) meinerti - Guinot, 1967 : 288 (Liste des espèces de l'océan Indien, avec Mayotte). - Neosarmatium meinerti - Ng et al., 2008 : 222 (Liste des noms valides). - Bouchard, 2009 : 6, 13 (Mayotte, mangrove Malamani, 3 mâles 30,0x35,8-33,0x39,0 mm, 3 femelles 29,5x35,5-30,4x37,0 mm, MNHN B32035 ; 3 mâles 32,3-38,0-34,0x39,8 mm, 1 femelle 29,0x35,8 mm, MNHN B32036 ; 1 mâle 33,0x39,4 mm, 1 femelle 29,0x35,0 mm, MNHN B32037). - Mission KUW novembre 2009, st. 6, déversoir de Badamier, 1 mâle 22,4x27,3 mm, photographie in situ et au labo, MNHN B32059 ; st. 13, 3 mâles 30,0x36,4 (photographié) à 31,5x38,0 mm, MNHN B32038 ; st. 13, 1 spécimen environ 18x22 mm, photographié.

Comment(s) on data
See comments in Bouchard et al. (in press, ARB, p. 20): "Ragionieri et al. (2009) indicate that based on sequences of mitochondrial genes and morphometry Neosarmatium meinerti is a species complex composed by ‘four well structured and geographically defined lineages: East African coast (EAC); western Indian Ocean islands; South East Asia; and Australia’. These lineages are treated as separate species in Ragionieri et al. (2012). Tentatively Mayotte specimens are attributed in this work to N. meinerti, also present in the vicinity (Aldabra Island). However, diagnostic characters between N. meinerti and N. africanum Ragioneri, Fratini & Schubart, 2012 are very similar and do not allow a positive identification. According to Ragionieri (pers. Com.) Mayotte specimens could belong to N. africanum (EAC lineage) that seems to be connected to the West of Madagascar, Mayotte Island probably playing the role of a stepping stone island in this connection. This hypothesis should be confirmed by DNA sequencing."

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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