Decapoda - Caridea - Alpheidae - Athanas

Athanas marshallensis Chace, 1955

World Distribution
Chace (1988: 63) - Red Sea to Philippines, Micronesia, Easter Island. Include Madagascar, Seychelles, Réunion, Mauritius

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Associated with corals (facultative)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 1-5 m

Réunion data
Athanas marshallensis and/or Athanas rhothionastes - Banner & Banner, 1983 : 78 (Réunion dans le matériel examiné, indication que ce peut être aussi (et/ou) A. rhothionastes Banner & Banner, 1960 en indiquant que "However, we have a serious doubt about the separation of the two forms as distinct species"), 151 (Réunion, basse-mer, St Gilles, "in no way bave we resolved the question of the validity of A. rhothionastes as a separate species).

Central Pacific data (Wallis & Futuna, Polynesia, Clipperton, Easter Island)
EASTER ISLAND - Athanas nr. marshallensis. - DiSalvo et al., 1988: 458, tab. 4 (Easter Island, scuba dives 15-60m; det. D. Banner).

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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