Decapoda - Brachyura - Acidopsidae - Caecopilumnus

Caecopilumnus piroculatus (Rathbun, 1911)

World Distribution
Rathbun (1911) - Mayotte premier signalement, Seychelles (Amirante), Indonésie (dans le sud des Philippines, Talaud Island, 36 m, in Tesch 1918), ? îles Gilbert (in Balss, 1938, femelle seulement, mâle nécessaire pour confirmer l'espèce ; 34 faden = 65 m).

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Soft bottom (mud or sand)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 6-65 m

Mayotte data
?Caecopilumnus piroculatus (Rathbun, 1911)
Material examined — Mayotte KUW 2009, st. 19, Nord îlot Handrema, 6-10 m, 1 F 5.9 x 7.9 mm, det. J. Poupin July 2011, MNHN-IU-2013-7225, in Ecole Navale/IRENav collection, September 2017.
Remarks — This specimen has been determined by using photos and description in Rathbun (1911). Caecopilumnus piroculatus has been described from three females (1 adult, 2 juv.) collected in the Seychelles (Amirantes) not far from Mayotte. Present determination is made with hesitation because no comparative specimens were examined and others records of this species in South Africa (Barnard, 1955) and Indonesia (Serène, 1965) were corrected by Ng (1987) and Ng et al. (1998: 76) into Raoulia limosa Ng, 1987 based on the aspect of male abdomen with segments 3-5 fused in R. limosa versus segments 3-5 free in C. piroculatus. Unfortunately the specimen from Mayotte being a female this character cannot be confirmed herein.
Geographic and depth ranges — IWP, Mayotte (this work), Seychelles to Philippines ?Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) ; 6-65 m.

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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