Decapoda - Brachyura - Xanthidae - Cyclodius

Cyclodius granulosus De Man, 1888

World Distribution
Serène (1984 : 252) - Indo-ouest Pacifique. Madagascar, Indonésie (Amboine, Band Neira), Nouvelle-Calédonie, Japon.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Hard bottom (rock and rubbles)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 1-20 m

Mayotte data
Cyclodius granulosus De Man, 1888
Material Examined — Mayotte KUW 2009, st. 21b, islet Choizil, Est, Malandzamiayatsini, 15-20 m, 1 M 9.0 x 11.4 mm, 1 F 8 x 10 mm, 1 juv., det. September 2011, MNHN-IU-2009-3238; st. 23, Choizil Pass "Patate à Teddy", 15-30 m, 1 juv. 3.9 x 4.9 mm, MNHN-IU-2009-3243, det. October 2011; st. 30, Rani Reef, double barrier, 3-15 m, MNHN-IU-2009-3244, det. October 2011.
Other records — Poupin et al., 2013c: 11, Glorieuses [Expedition Glorieuses December 2012 (new record), st. BIO 33].
Remarks — These specimens were retreived (September 2011, J. Poupin) mixed in a jar with Pilodius spinipes specimens from KUW Mayotte. Overall they are very similar to Cyclodius ungulatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) but are distinct by the male pleopod as figured in Serène (1984, fig. 163): subdistal setae oriented are forward, instead of backward in C. ungulatus. The determination is made with hesitation for the juveniles of st. 23, 30 because without male pleopod C. ungulatus cannot be totally excluded. Presence of C. granulosus in the region suggested by Serène (1984) is however confirmed herein by the male examined from Mayotte with an additional record in Glorieuses in Poupin et al. (2013c).
Geographic and depth ranges — IWP, Mayotte (this work), Madagascar to Japan, French Polynesia; intertidal to 15-30 m (from KUW fieldwork).

New Caledonia data
Cyclodius ?granulosus - Juncker & Poupin, 2009, 66, CRISP report, St 17 Lifou Hnathalo, 1 M 9.3x13.3 mm. / Specimen determined with hesitation, perhaps ? Cyclodius ungulatus, very common in New-Caledonia.

Central Pacific data (Wallis & Futuna, Polynesia, Clipperton, Easter Island)
Phymodius granulosus - Guinot, 1985: 451, with a ? (List). - Odinetz-Collart & Richer de Forges, 1985: 201 (Moorea and/or Tahiti). - Poupin, 1996a: 55 (Checklist). - Remark: Odinetz does not mention this material in her thesis (1983), but it is recorded in the Museum of Paris (MNHN B17071, coll. Odinetz 1981 "Moorea, Tahiti, Takapoto, associé au Pocillopora damicornis et P. elegans", det. Guinot). - Cyclodius granulosus - Salvat & Bacchet, 2011: 250, photo, field guide 'Au Vent des Iles Ed. Tahiti - French Polynesia, most often Society (Moorea, Tahiti).

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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