Decapoda - Caridea - Alpheidae - Nennalpheus

Nennalpheus sibogae (De Man, 1910)

World Distribution
Anker (2019: 95) - Indo-West Pacific: Indonesia: Sapeh Straits, Lombok Straits (De Man 1910, 1911), Sulawesi (present study, photographic record, Fig. 8D, E); Philippines: Palawan; Vietnam: Nha Trang; Papua New Guinea: Hansa Bay, Madang (present study); Vanuatu: Efate Islands (Banner & Banner 1984); Hawaii: Oahu (present study); Japan: Kii Peninsula (Kushimoto) and Ryukyu Islands (Kerama group) (Hayashi 1996; Nomura et al. 1996; Nomura & Asakura 1998); Comoro Archipelago: Mayotte Island (present study); Scattered Islands: Glorioso Islands (present study). Usually less than 10 m.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Hard bottom (rock and rubbles)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 1-15 m

Mayotte data
Nennalpheus sibogae - Anker & Baeza, 2012: 405, table 2, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Mayotte, SW Indian Ocean FLMNH UF 13629.
Nennalpheus sibogae - Anker, 2019 (Zootaxa): 94 - Mayotte, Glorieuses - Scattered Islands (Îles Éparses): 1 male (cl 6.0 mm), FLMNH UF 20912, Glorioso Islands (Îles Glorieuses), off Grande Glorieuse, 11°33’16.2”S 47°17’40.6”E, reef slope, depth: 5–20 m, leg. M. Malay et al., 05.05.2009 [fcn MEPA-01113]. Mayotte: 1 ovigerous female (cl 5.7 mm), FLMNH UF 13629, Passe en S (Longogori), gentle coral reef slope, corals and rocks, under large flat pieces of coral rubble on sand, depth: 7 m, leg. A. Anker & F. Michonneau, 02.06.2008 [fcn MAY 08-228]; 1 ovigerous female (cl 7.7 mm), FLMNH UF 13671, same collection data as for previous specimen [fcn MAY 08-237].

Nennalpheus sibogae - Chow et al. 2021 (Evolution, Supplementary documents, table S1) - Glorieuses, Voucher ID UF20912

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