Decapoda - Anomura - Porcellanidae - Pachycheles

Pachycheles riisei (Stimpson, 1859)

World Distribution
Rodriguez et al. (2005: 557) - Key West, Florida, U.S.A.; Carrie Bow Cay, Belize; Gulf of Darién, Santa Marta, Old Providence and Rosario Islands, Colombia; Margarita and Cubagua Islands, Venezuela; Tobago; Puerto Rico; St. Thomas; Barbados; Fernando de Noronha, Trindade, Paraíba and Alagôas, Brazil. - Poupin & Lemaitre, 2014, tab. 2, Zoosystema, Virgin Islands, Lesser Antilles, ICA (Barbados, Tobago), IOV (Margarita, Cubagua, La Tortuga).

(Ferreira, 2019, Arquivos de Ciências do Mar) - Western Atlantic: Unites States, Florida; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico; Virgin Islands, St. Thomas; Antigua and Barbuda; St. Vincent and The Grenadines, The Grenadines; Barbados; Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago; Belize, Carrie Bow Cay; Colombia, Gulf of Darién, Santa Marta, Providencia and Rosario Islands; Venezuela, Margarita and Cubagua Islands; and Brazil (Atol das Rocas, Fernando de Noronha and Trindade Islands, Ceará and from Paraíba to São Paulo).

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Hard bottom (rock and rubbles)

Vertical range : Shallow-waters (0-100 m) - Min-Max observed: 0-20 m

Lesser Antilles data
Distribution: VGI (St Thomas, Jost Van Dyke), ICA (Martinique, Barbados), IOV (Margarita, Cubagua, La Tortuga, Los Roques). 0-20 m. WA.
Pisosoma Riisei Stimpson, 1859: 75, St Thomas. - Nobili, 1898: 2, St Thomas [coll. Duchassaing]. - Schmitt, 1924a:89, Barbados.
Pachycheles riisei - Haig, 1962: 182, Jost Van Dyke (Tobago) [coll. Th. Mortensen, 1916]. - Hernández & Bolaños, 1995: 76, Margarita. - Lira, 1997, tab. 4, Margarita. - Lira, 2004: tab. 1, Tortuga. - Carré, 2005: 23, Martinique. - Tagliafico et al., 2005: tab. 1, Margarita (Los Frailes). - Lira et al., 2012, tab. 1, Tortuga. - Lira et al., 2007: 44, Margarita, Tortuga. - Poupin & Lemaitre, 2014, tab. 2, Virgin Islands (Tobago near Trinidad confused with Tobago near Jost Van Dyke), Barbados, Margarita, Cubagua, La Tortuga. - Lira et al., 2017b: 26, Los Roques.

Update after 2018
Pachycheles riisei. — Ferreira, 2019 (Arquivos de Ciências do Mar): 62, Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua, English Harbor, Charlotte Point, Schmitt et al. coll., 02 April 1956, 1 female (USNM 275760). St. Vincent and The Grenadines, The Grenadines, Carriacou Island, Tyrrell Bay, sand flat inside reef, D. V. Nicholson coll., 16 March 1956, 1 male (USNM 275761).

Comment(s) on data
In Poupin & Lemaitre (2004), Tobago, Bristish Virgin Islands, near Jost Van Dyke Island, has been confused with Tobago, ICA, near Trinidad. May be also in Rodriguez et al. (2005) where Tobago is indicated.

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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