Decapoda - Brachyura - Leucosiidae - Speloeophorus

Speloeophorus microspeos Telford, 1980

World Distribution
Western Atlantic - Barbados, ?Guadeloupe.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Soft bottom (mud or sand)

Vertical range : Shallow to deep-waters (e.g. 10-190 m) - Min-Max observed: 7-15 m

Lesser Antilles data
Distribution: ICA (?Guadeloupe, Barbados). 7-15 m. ?Only/ICA.
Speloeophorus microspeos Telford, 1980: 14, Barbados [reef at night, close to shore and at a depth of about 7 m].
Speloeophorus ?microspeos - Guadeloupe - Karubenthos 2012, pre-det. D.L. Felder May 2018, MNHN-IU-2013-4555, st. GR35 (15 m) JL1085, photo field, labo, 1 female 12.6x14.7 mm (in loan with D. Felder April 2014, returned May 2018).
Remark: Guadeloupe specimen has a 'prominent posterior rectangular flange in the intestinal region', as in S. microspeos, while this part is bilobed in S. pontifer (see Telford, 1980 for more differences between the two species).

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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