Decapoda - Caridea - Alpheidae - Alpheus

Alpheus bouvieri A. Milne-Edwards, 1878

World Distribution
Chace (1972: 63) - Bermudas and Antigua Island to Tobago and Fernando de Noronha ; eastern Atlantic from the Cape Verde Islands and Guinea to Sao Tomé and Congo, intertidal.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Hard bottom (rock and rubbles)

Vertical range : Intertidal - Min-Max observed: 0-2 m

Lesser Antilles data
Distribution: Lesser Antilles, ICA (Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Vincent, Grenada, Barbados, Tobago, Trinidad), IOV (Cubagua, Aruba). 0-2 m. ATL.
Alpheus bouvieri - Chace, 1972: 63, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Vincent (Tobago Cays), Grenada, Tobago. - Anker, 2001: 174, Barbados, Trinidad, Aruba. - Hernández-Ávila et al., 2007: tab. 1, Cubagua.
Alpheus bouvieri - Guadeloupe, Karubenthos 2012, det. A. Anker MNHN 2014, MNHN-IU-2013-12033, st. GM22, 1 m, JL1011; MNHN-IU-2013-12108, st. GM27, 1 m, JL1157, Photo 23P?

Comment(s) on data
Note J. Poupin - A. bahamensis is also at JL1011, check Photo.

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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