Decapoda - Brachyura - Sesarmidae - Karstarma

Karstarma jacksoni ? (Balss, 1934)

World Distribution
K. jacksoni s.s. only Christmas Island. Also ?Réunion.

Environnement : Land - Substrat/Association : Soft bottom (mud or sand)

Vertical range : Land & Freshwater - Min-Max observed: 0-0 m

Réunion data
Sesarmoides longipes - Réunion, in lava cave, land, near Saint Philippe, mail and photo Nicole CRESTEY,, 18/11/2014. first det . J. Poupin 2014 from photo.
Karstarma ?jacksoni - Red-det. J. Poupin Novembre 2017 after examination of one specimen (1 F 8.6x9.8 mm). Study in progress to validate this re-det. (see Comments).

Comment(s) on data
First identified as perphaps Sesarmoides longipes but corrected to Karstarma in 2017 (cf. mail Nicole Crestey, 27 October 2017). First examination (1 sp. J. Poupin November 2017) indicate that it could be K. jacksoni, a species currently reported only from Christmas Island, Eastern Indian Ocean. A study is in progress to determine Christmas and Réunion Is. spp. are really of the same species. A new species endemic to Réunion Island is possible.

References : PDF list, 214 pp (1.4 Mo)

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