Decapoda - Achelata - Scyllaridae - Galearctus

Galearctus aurora (Holthuis, 1982)

World Distribution
In Holthuis (2002: 570): The species has a rather wide range in the Pacific. In the original description it was reported from Hawaii, Japan, Society Islands and New Caledonia (more precise localities are given there). Since then it was reported from the following additional localities. Off Kii-Nagashima, Kii Peninsula, Japan (Sekiguchi et al. 1989), and from the South Pacific: Tubuai (= Austral) Archipelago (Maria, Rurutu and Tubuai islands), Society Archipelago (Maupiti, Moorea, Raiatea and Tupai islands), Tuamotu Archipelago (Akiaki, Fangataufa, Hao, Makemo, Marutea South, Maria, Mururoa, Tuanake, Tureia and Vanavana islands), Marquesas Archipelago (Fatuhiva and Tahuata islands), Gambier Archipelago; all these South Pacific islands were listed by Poupin (1996b) while in his previous publication (Poupin 1996a) only the names of the archipelagoes were mentioned. Manac’h & Carsin (1985) reported the capture of the species at Mururoa and/or Fangataufa islands, Tuamotu Archipelago.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Hard bottom (rock and rubbles)

Vertical range : Shallow to deep-waters (e.g. 10-190 m) - Min-Max observed: 59-300 m

New Caledonia data
Lagon 9 Nouvelle Caledonie, DW586 — Holthuis LB, Zoosystema 24, 3: 499-683
Nouvelle Caledonie, STATION — Holthuis LB, Zoosystema 24, 3: 499-683

Central Pacific data (Wallis & Futuna, Polynesia, Clipperton, Easter Island)
Scyllarus aurora Holthuis, 1982: 847, fig. 1-2 (Tubuai; 200m; coll. Frv Marara, fr). - Manac'h & Carsin, 1985: 473 (Moruroa and/or Fangataufa). - Poupin, 1996a: 7, 11, 96 (Checklist); 1996b: 16, pl. 7a (Austral, except Rapa, Gambier, Marquesas, Society, Tuamotu; 90-300m; islands cited here in "Distribution" are from fishing log). - Galearctus aurora - Holthuis, 2002: 570, fig. 68a, b (n. comb.)

Other data
Musorstom 10 Fidji, CP1349 — Holthuis LB, Zoosystema 24, 3: 499-683
Musorstom 1 Philippines, CP57 — Holthuis LB, Zoosystema 24, 3: 499-683
Taiwan, STATION — Holthuis LB, Zoosystema 24, 3: 499-683

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