Decapoda - Stenopodidea - Spongicolidae - Spongicoloides

Spongicoloides weijiaensis Xu, Zhou & Wang, 2017

World Distribution
(Schnabel et al., 2021, MDPI, Diversity) - The distribution of S. weijiaensis now extends from the northwestern Pacific to New Caledonia, north of the New Zealand region.
Type is from: 13°01.01'N, 156°56.71'E, near Weijia Guyot, Magellan Seamount Chain, North West Pacific, depth: 2279 m, associated with hexactinellid sponge, coll. team of “Jiaolong” submersible, 1 May 2016, sample 37I-JL106-1, SRSIO16050001.

(Goy, 2023, Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos) - North West Pacific, Madagascar, Indian Ocean (off Northern Australia), Fiji, Tasmania; 349-2380 m. with 2380 m being the deepest record for any stenopodidean

New Caledonian spp. From 1070 m, 1480–1530 m, 1320–1380 m.

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Associated with sponges

Vertical range : Deep (more than 100 m) - Min-Max observed: 349-2380 m

Mayotte data
Spongicoloides weijiaensis - Goy, 2023, Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos: 282 - Near Glorieuses - North Madagascar. CREVETTIERE 1972 Stn CH36, 12°49’S, 48°03’E, 910-915 m, 14 Sep. 1972, female (MNHN-IU-2013-19628).

New Caledonia data
Spongicoloides novaezelandiae - Goy, 2015, Zootaxa: 311, New Caledonia. BIOCAL, stn CP61, 24°11’S, 167°32’E, 1070 m, 2.IX.1985, 1 female, (MNHN-Na 11996).—BIOCAL, stn CP60, 24°01’S, 167°08”E, 1480–1530 m, 2.IX.1985, 1 female ov. (MNHNNa 11997).—BIOCAL stn DW79, 20°40’S, 166°52’E, 1320–1380 m, 5.IX.1985, 1 male (MNHN-Na 11998).— CALSUB Plongée 04, N. Lifou, 20°35’S, 167°12’E, 2380 m, 23.II.1989, in Euplectella sp., 1 female (MNHN-Na 11999). In part not S. novaezelandiae.

Spongicoloides novaezelandiae - Schnabel et al., 2021, MDPI, Diversity: tab. 1, Stenopodidea sequences, MNHN-IU-2013-19488, CO1, MZ539867, 16S rRNA, MZ531918; MNHN-IU-2013-19622, 16S rRNA, MZ531919; MNHN-IU-2013-19627, 16S rRNA, MZ531920; MNHN-IU-2013-19630, 16S rRNA, MZ53192; New Caledonia. Not Spongicoloides novaezelandiae but Spongicoloides weijiaensis Xu, Zhou & Wang, 2017 for three of four specimens reported from New Caledonia (BIOCAL specimens listed in Goy [13] as MNHN-Na-11996 [IU-2013-19630], Na-11997 [IU-2013-19488] and Na-11998 [IU-2013-19627]), successfully sequenced by Schnabel et al. (2021) and referred to S. weijiaensis (Figure 2).

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