Decapoda - Dendrobranchiata - Solenoceridae - Hymenopenaeus

Hymenopenaeus debilis Smith, 1882

World Distribution
Felder et al. (2009) - Atlantic, 300-2163 m, NJer–Guy, Azores, E Atl. ?French Guiana, Lesser Antilles, IOV (off Venezuela). Also ?New Caledonia (Atlantic sp. in Pérez Farfante & Kensley, 1993).

Environnement : Marine - Substrat/Association : Pelagic or bathypelagic

Vertical range : Pelagic or bathypelagic - Min-Max observed: 300-2163 m

New Caledonia data
Musorstom 5 Nouvelle Caledonie, CC367 - Check? Atlantic species in Pérez-Farfante & Kensley (1997: 172)!

Lesser Antilles data
Distribution: New Jersey to Guyana, Azores, eastern Atlantic. Lesser Antilles, ICA (Anguilla, Saba, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent), IOV (off Venezuela). 300-2163 m. ATL.
Hymenopenaeus debilis - Pérez Farfante, 1977: 268, Anguilla (Sombrero & Dog Islands), Saba, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent [R/V Oregon, R/V Oregon II, R/V Pillsbury).
Hymenopenaeus debilis - Guadeloupe, Karubenthos II 2015, field det. J. Poupin, st. CP4522, 9 June 2015, 16°37.6'N, 61°48.3'W, 716-650 m, MNHN-IU-2013-18813; st. CP4617, 25 June 2015, 16°20.98'N, 60°44.95'W, 874-830 m, MNHN-IU-2013-19085; st. CP4618, 25 June 2015, 16°22.74'N, 60°45.86'W, 780-828 m, MNHN-IU-2013-19092; st. CP4643, 28 June 2015, 15°44.98'N, 61°11.07'W, 609-611 m, MNHN-IU-2013-19165; st. CP4644, 28 June 2015, 15°46.96'N, 61°5.11'W, 898-835 m, MNHN-IU-2013-19176.
Comment: Characters used for determination include two postrostral teeth separated from the rostral group and eye diameter about 22% carapace length (Roberts & Pequegnat, 1970: 29, key). This species has a long flagelliform P5, illustrated in Perez Farfante & Kensley (1997: 171, fig. 118) that is missing on specimens photographed. Hymenopenaeus debilis ressembles Hymenopenaeus aphoticus Burkenroad, 1936 also in the region but is distinct by 1-2 distal spines present on disto-ventral margin of rostrum.

Comment(s) on data
Record in New Caledonia not clearly identified (in MNHN, pre-det. A. Crosnier, unpublished?) - Musorstom 5 Nouvelle Caledonie, CC367 - Atlantic species in Pérez-Farfante & Kensley (1997: 172).

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